Push Notifications and Statistics for Your App

Push notifications delivery and user base reports, all in one intuitive tool.


About Pushdeck

PushDeck is a platform that allows you to refine and hit the target of your mobile marketing campaigns, in just a few clicks.

Pushdeck easily integrates with your iOS or Android App and lets your marketing actions reach your brand/product audience, through a web page.

With Pushdeck you achieve

Custom push notifications delivery

Define most relevant content of your push notifications (text + link)

Schedule push delivery

Schedule your push delivery, capturing key moments all along the user journey of people following your brand/product

History and Statistics

Check all your submissions and compare data between campaigns, in order to bring all key factors out and keep them in mind for further campaigns

Active users

Explore your target users’ in-app behavior, understand how to better engage them and formulate next strategies accordingly

Dynamic profiling

Divide your target into dynamic segments, editing your personas whenever necessary


How Pushdeck works

Pushdeck is easy-to-use and intuitive:
to get an overview of your performances, you can log into your web page with a panel (your dashboard) where all your stats, further info and the history of your previous campaigns are collected.

PushDeck SDK

How does PushDeck take this information from your App?

Through a flexible, lightweight and easily integrable iOS and/or Android SDK!
It can be integrated by others developers (those who developed your app, for example) or directly by us.
In fact, PushDeck was created by a company that has been developing and designing mobile applications for years and which will help you to use this tool efficiently.


A clear view of your mobile users

Manage your every need in a simple way and with just one tool.
Stop paying thousand subscriptions to use a fraction of their features.
Spend less and make the most of what you really need.

  • How many users does my app have?
  • How are they distributed between the platforms?
  • How many of them are really active?
  • How can I communicate with them?
  • Can i make statistical analysis on my data?

You needed a lot of complicated tools so far.
We created just one, bringing them all together.

Who is PushDeck for?

PushDeck is the only service completely dedicated to marketing professionals: no IT technicalities but just their usual language, the one of results.

A company which does not take full advantage of its push notification system and aims at boosting it with PushDeck

A company that has already implemented push notifications but intends to improve the effectiveness thanks to pushdeck

A company that does not have an app but wants to develop it with PushDeck already integrated


What are the benefits of PushDeck?

A single tool to meet different needs:
push delivery tool, active user monitoring tool, overall App download data tool.

  • Simple, intuitive, designed for those without IT skills
  • No software download
  • Flexible and cross platform (iOS and Android)
  • Helpful creating your personas, thanks to an in-depth user profiling

Create your perfect push notification campaign

Divide your user base into segments that really matter to you and make your push more relevant than ever.
Track in-app behavior and analyze usage statistics from a single, cross platform web panel.

Say goodbye to the multitude of confusing tools and get PushDeck!

Push with text and links

Previous campaigns archive

Stats Dashboard

In-depth user profiling

Segmented push campaigns

Easy SDK integration

Get a quote

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